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Furniture Cleaning 

After considerable research we devised a unique method for cleaning furniture. We use the highest quality cleaning products and together with strong extraction we remove all stains and restore suites to the former glory.

Some common questions we get asked about furniture cleaning are:

Will my suite be very wet after cleaning?

Answer: NO. Using our method we can guarantee fastest drying times and we will always insist on cleaning your suite first thing in the morning and most suites are completely dry that evening and looking amazing.

Will  cleaning damage my suite?

Answer: NO. Again using our method we are very sensitive with all materials and take exceptional care as we complete the procedure. No damage will ever occur during the cleaning process and we use a fantastic product which works on all materials.

Is it expensive to clean my furniture?
Answer: NO. Our prices are extremely transparent and competitive. We have kept our prices static for many years and only charge €100 for a 3 piece suite which is the best value in the market.

Below are some examples of recently completed jobs in the West Cork area


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